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VAE (credits for professional experience)

The VAE is the official recognition of the experience, knowledge, skills and competences acquired through work. It is an individual right that allows one to obtain a degree through experience. It is aimed for anyone with at least 3 years of professional experience, employed or not, and may be funded under the Continuing Education. CMH can validate your experience to obtain the title of "Director of Luxury establishments in the Hospitality industry".

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The Evaluation Committee reviews your application and assess its admissibility. If you are admitted to continue the process of VAE, the Jury* determines three possibilities:

1. You obtain a VAE admission, which gives you access to training
2. You pbtain a partial VAE, and you must complete your course through training or additional experience, which will be determined by the jury,
3. You obtain a total VAE and you receive a degree in "Director of Luxury establishment in Hotel industry" after writing and defense of your thesis.

VAE admission

This procedure allows a direct access to the training without justifying the level of education or degrees normally required.

Partial VAE

The jury decides on the nature of knowledge, skills and complementary competences to be acquired by the applicant to obtain a total validation. The candidate can then validate them after a further experience or special training. These additional trainings or experiences required for validation are subject to further assessment, within a period of five years from the date of notification of jury's decision.

Total VAE

You have to write your thesis and professional support before a jury. If you get a score above 12, the title under "Director of Luxury establishment in the Hospitality industry" is delivered to you without having to complete your training or work experience.

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